The Arrow 10 E-Bike: An In-Depth Overview

Electric bicycles, or e-bikes, are becoming more and more popular as an environmentally friendly form of transportation. One model to learn about is the Arrow 10 e-bike, which provides good performance and unique features. This comprehensive guide will give an overview of the Arrow 10, including key specifications, pros and cons, and tips for using this powerful e-bike fully.

Introducing the Arrow 10 E-Bike

The Arrow 10 e-bike is made by Arrow, a company in the Netherlands that focuses on high-performance electric bicycles. This pedal-assist e-bike gives riders an extra boost while pedaling to eliminate difficult hills and headwinds.

Some key features and specifications of the Arrow 10 e-bike include:

  • Motor: 250w brushless rear hub motor
  • Battery: 36V 10Ah lithium ion battery
  • Range: Up to 55 miles per charge
  • Speed: 20 mph throttle-only, 28 mph pedal assist
  • Frame: Aluminum alloy
  • Wheels: 26” double wall alloy rims
  • Brakes: Mechanical disc brakes
  • Extras: LED display, front suspension, integrated lighting

With its powerful motor, long-range battery, and quality components, the Arrow 10 provides performance and quality at a relatively affordable price compared to similar e-bikes.

Advantages of the Arrow 10 E-Bike

There are many benefits to choosing the Arrow 10 e-bike for an electric ride.

Powerful Motor and Battery

The 250w motor provides strong power from a dead stop and at higher speeds. It offers pedal assistance up to 28 mph, allowing you to climb steep hills and ride longer distances with less effort.

The integrated 36V 10Ah lithium ion battery has excellent range. With moderate pedaling, you can expect to travel 30-55 miles before recharging. The battery charges in 4-6 hours and lasts around 500 charge cycles.

Sturdy Frame and Components

The Arrow 10 has an aluminum alloy frame that gives a solid, stable riding experience without excess weight. Double wall alloy rims and puncture resistant tires make it durable.

Mechanical disc brakes provide quick, reliable stopping power in various conditions. Front suspension absorbs bumps and vibrations from the road.

Helpful Features

An LED display shows key data like speed, battery level, and pedal assist amount. Integrated front and rear lighting improves visibility and safety at night.

The Arrow 10 also has a sturdy rear rack for baskets or panniers. The adjustable stem and seat make finding a comfortable position simple.

Cost Effectiveness

The Arrow 10 costs around $1,500, putting it at a mid-range price but still offering premium power and range. Charging the battery is far less expensive than gas. Minimal maintenance of the durable parts reduces long-term costs too.

Riding an e-bike also provides health benefits from the exercise while avoiding traffic issues. The Arrow 10 provides performance rivaling pricier competitors for significant savings.

Potential Drawbacks of the Arrow 10

While the Arrow 10 is strong in many areas, there are a few possible disadvantages to note:

  • At 55 lbs, it is heavier than some e-bikes, making carrying it difficult.
  • The mechanical disc brakes may need more maintenance than hydraulic versions.
  • Generic motor and battery parts may be less reliable than brand name options.
  • The ride can feel stiff or uncomfortable, especially for taller riders.
  • Hills and headwinds reduce range more than on faster e-bikes.
  • Limited dealer network makes testing it challenging.

For the price, the Arrow 10 still represents good value with its power, range, and components. Proper maintenance and fit help maximize the riding experience.

Optimizing Your Arrow 10 E-Bike

Follow these tips to ensure your Arrow 10 e-bike works its best:

Proper Fit

  • Adjust seat height so your leg is almost fully extended pedaling.
  • Handlebar height should allow a slight bend in elbows while seated.
  • Adjust handlebar angle and seat position until you feel centered and comfortable.


  • Check tire pressure frequently and refill to the PSI on the tires.
  • Test brakes before each ride and keep discs clean.
  • Occasionally check bolts and connections to ensure nothing is loose.
  • Wipe down the bike after wet rides and store indoors to avoid rust.

Maximize Range

  • Fully charge battery before every ride.
  • Use lower levels of pedal assist when possible.
  • Pedal more to reduce strain on the motor. Cadence should be 60-80 RPM.
  • Avoid using throttle-only for long stretches to conserve battery.
  • Check components like tires, chain, and brakes which impact range if they have too much resistance.

Ride Safely

  • Obey all traffic laws and wear a helmet.
  • Use the integrated lighting at night or in low visibility.
  • Brake gradually and avoid sudden speeding up/slowing down.
  • Use smaller front chainring for better handling on descents.
  • Charge battery fully after each use.


  • Vary your routes to keep rides interesting.
  • Bring supplies for longer rides like food, phone, and repair kit.
  • Find groups or friends to ride with.
  • Use racks to haul cargo.
  • Set fitness goals and challenges.

Caring for your Arrow 10 e-bike and optimizing adjustments will ensure smooth, safe riding for years. Follow local e-bike laws since regulations differ across areas.

Helpful Arrow 10 E-Bike Accessories

Enhance your Arrow 10’s comfort, convenience, and performance with these useful accessories:

  • Phone mount – Conveniently view ride data on your smartphone.
  • Rear rack – Carry cargo on a sturdy rear rack.
  • Fenders – Protect from splashing water and dirt.
  • Saddle bag – Store spare tubes, tools, or snacks.
  • Mirror – Check for traffic easily with a handlebar mirror.
  • Panniers – Turn your e-bike into a cargo hauler.
  • Kickstand – Keep parked e-bike upright.
  • Suspension seatpost – Absorb rear bumps.
  • Ergonomic grips – Reduce hand numbness on long rides.
  • Bike computer – Track speed, distance and more.

Start with essentials like a rack, phone holder, and bag. Build on the accessories over time to customize your Arrow 10. Check installation instructions and weight limits.

Potential Arrow 10 E-Bike Upgrades

Significantly improve your Arrow 10’s performance by upgrading these parts:


Swapping the 250w motor for a more powerful 750w version drastically improves torque and speed for climbing fast with a speedier e-bike.


Extend range by upgrading to a 48V 14Ah or larger battery. Seek reliable name brand lithium ion cells.


More robust hydraulic disc brakes offer better braking control than cheap mechanical discs, great for frequent downhills or when carrying cargo.


Add front or full suspension to absorb bumps and vibrations for a smoother, more comfortable ride. Wider suspension e-bike tires also improve traction.


Wider rims and higher volume tires better absorb road imperfections while increasing control. Consider tubeless tires and inserts to prevent flats.


Upgrade to higher end gears like a Shimano Deore derailleur and 10-speed cassette for smooth, crisp shifting. Or opt for a single speed drivetrain for simplicity.

While more expensive, targeted upgrades where you want improvements make a significant impact. Consider professional installation for complex drivetrain or motor swaps.

Comparing the Arrow 10 to Similar E-Bike Models

While the Arrow 10 provides excellent value, other models offer comparable performance. Leading alternatives for commuting and recreation include:

Commuter E-Bikes

  • Rad Power Bikes RadCity – Customizable, durable.
  • Ride1Up Roadster V2 – Lightweight, smooth belt drive.
  • Aventon Pace 500 – Easy handling step-through frame.
  • Juiced CrossCurrent X – High powered motor, long range.

Recreational E-Bikes

  • Specialized Turbo Vado – Quality parts, sophisticated pedal assist.
  • Trek Verve+ – Relaxed geometry for comfort, suspension fork.
  • Giant Quick E+ – Fun torque sensor motor.
  • Cannondale Quick Neo – Sporty for trail riding.

Testing different e-bike styles and motors helps find the best fit for your needs and preferences. Consider wheel size, gearing, and frame design for your intended usage when comparing models. Many alternatives provide unique advantages over the Arrow 10 depending on priorities.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Arrow 10

How fast can the Arrow 10 e-bike go?

The Arrow 10 e-bike can reach up to 28 mph with pedal assist or 20 mph with just throttle. The top speed varies based on terrain, rider weight, and battery level.

Does the Arrow 10 e-bike require insurance?

Most areas do not legally require insurance for e-bikes. However, coverage may still be a good idea for accidents, theft, or damage. Some homeowners or renters policies may include e-bikes.

Is the Arrow 10 e-bike OK to ride in the rain?

Yes, the Arrow 10 can be ridden in light rain thanks to its sealed components. Avoid submerging the motor or battery. Fenders can minimize water exposure in heavy rain.

How long does the Arrow 10 battery last?

The expected life of the 36V 10Ah lithium ion battery is around 500 full charges. Properly maintaining the battery by avoiding overheating or overcharging maximizes its usable lifespan. Range slowly decreases over time.

What is the weight limit on the Arrow 10 e-bike?

Arrow lists the maximum recommended weight for the Arrow 10 as 275 pounds. Heavier riders risk damage to the wheels or frame. Watch for any signs of stress on the bike.


With its lightweight aluminum frame, powerful rear hub motor, long-range lithium battery, quality parts, and reasonable price, the Arrow 10 e-bike is a versatile package ready for commuting, exercise, and fun.

Pay attention to fit, perform regular upkeep, add useful accessories, and consider upgrades over time to optimize your Arrow 10 for years of enjoyable riding. Take advantage of its robust pedal assist and generous range to explore roads, trails, and paths powered by electricity.


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